Thursday, February 5, 2009

Herman Hollerith

Herman Hollerith, the inventor of the Hollerith Tabulating Machine, was another interesting person that I studied. Here are some websites that give an overview of his life and inventions.
  • Columbia University includes Hollerith's story as part of their own history of computing here.
  • The online version of the Britannica Encyclopedia also has a brief article on Hollerith.
  • The University of St. Andrews also has a detailed summary of the computing history.

The Rock of Silicon Valley

As part of my Computer Architecture and Organization class, we have to research important Milestones in Computing History.

Although I don't have time to go into all of the details of my presentation, here are the links I used to learn a little bit about Arthur Rock, the man behind Rock's Law.

  • The Harvard Business School Online Bulletin has an interesting article about Arthur Rock, that also includes a picture.
  • Visual Wikipedia has a good definition of Rock's Law here. Although unfortunately the video does not work.
  • cnet news also has an interesting, if not a little outdated, article about the semiconductor industry, which involves the application of Rock's Law.