Saturday, January 31, 2009

A weekend in the valley

After spending the week learning all about the culture of Silicon Valley, it was time to experience some of the culture for ourselves, tourist culture to be exact. We went to Alcatraz (on Al Capone's birthday actually) and got to learn about prison life. Since it was Al Capone's birthday, we got to go on special tours related to his time at Alcatraz. It was really interesting and we got some great pictures of San Francisco and the island. Also, we decided what better way to experience the Golden Gate Bridge then with a bike ride across it. So, we rented some bikes and continued to bike the bridge. The two hour ride was well worth it. The views were beautiful and it was great to spend some time outside in the sun and nice weather. (I was shoveling snow a few days ago now that I'm back home.)

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